Pastor Fred Coleman

Pastor Fred Coleman was recently added as the City of Kiel's Emergency Services Pastor.  In 2006, Pastor Coleman took over as the Pastor for Kiel Alliance Church and almost immediately reached out to Chief Funkhouser about offering support to our city's emergency services.  Prior to coming to Kiel, Pastor Fred worked in Lakeland Florida where he served as the EMP for that county for many years.  In this capacity, Pastor Fred will be available to our city's emergency service staff to lend support to the police department, fire department, and EMT units in various ways including, but not limited to:  assisting staff as they deal with various individuals needing emotional and Spiritual assistance.  Pastor Fred will also be available to the emergency service department staff to lend a hand to their support if the need arises.  We welcome Pastor Fred to our city and thank him for his services to our city's emergency services.

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